Pairs trading portfolio features

Activate and trade several portfolios concurrently.

Assign custom trading strategies pair-by-pair.

Dynamically filter portfolio pairs to exclude from trading those that fail user-defined stat profiles.

Pairs trading portfolio features

What does ArbMaker do?

“The premise of pairs trading was blindingly simple: Find a pair of stocks that exhibit similar historical price behavior. When the prices of the stocks diverge, bet on subsequent convergence. Blindingly, beautifully simple. And hugely profitable.”

[Andrew Poole, Statistical Arbitrage, Wiley & Sons]


ArbMaker takes this premise and provides the tools required to exploit it with not only stocks but with forex and futures also - or any combination of those three asset classes. Here’s a primer of the software's underlying methodology.

The different version of ArbMaker are described here and we encourage you to demo the software. All our monthly subscription contracts have a 30-day free trial built in.


We publish a free and a Premium newsletter. The ArbMaker Premium Newsletter is designed to provide value added content for pairs traders and comes with a 30-day free trial! Full details here.

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