Pairs trading portfolio features

Activate and trade several portfolios concurrently.

Assign custom trading strategies pair-by-pair.

Dynamically filter portfolio pairs to exclude from trading those that fail user-defined stat profiles.

Pairs trading portfolio features

What does ArbMaker do?

“The premise of pairs trading was blindingly simple: Find a pair of stocks that exhibit similar historical price behavior. When the prices of the stocks diverge, bet on subsequent convergence. Blindingly, beautifully simple. And hugely profitable.”

[Andrew Poole, Statistical Arbitrage, Wiley & Sons]

ArbMaker takes this premise and provides the tools required to exploit it with not only stocks but with forex and futures also - or any combination of those three asset classes. Here’s a primer of the software's underlying methodology.

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Consistently hands on and the software was written by traders for traders

Rawdon and his team spent a lot of time getting my strategies to work within their software. So far that I know of they are the only software team willing to work with another advisor's strategies instead of trying to shove their own down your thr...

Joshua W. Van Dress
Able Capital Management
“A Perfect tool for professional fund managers”

ArbMaker is an intuitive and easy to use statistical arbitrage system yet robust enough for professional and institutional environment. As it is an integrated system, i.e. real time data analysis done, strategized and order initiated at the same t...

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