• New Activate and trade several portfolios concurrently
  • New Caching of history data for each item and smart refreshing when items interval exceeded
  • New Parallel refreshing of portfolio items
  • New Ability to move an item between portfolios
  • New New Strategy assign popup that allows to assign also amounts/lots/leverages
  • New Parallel back testing of portfolio items for higher performance
  • New Ability to navigate to other ArbMaker screens while a portfolio(s) refresh
  • New New input fields in the UI for Amounts/Lots/Leverage
  • New Support for Futures and Cross Asset pairs in any portfolio
  • New “Notes” field in the Details popup that the user can utilize for storing info related to the pair
  • New Automatic refresh of latest values for each item every one (1) minute
  • New Ability to stop/restart all or individual items in the tracker
  • New New entry criteria that allows the user to restrict the number of times a specific symbol can trade concurrently as part of several pairs
  • Multiple, user-defined portfolios – class by sector, strength of cointegration, historic profitability etc
  • Effectively handle and track large number of symbols with live incoming data
  • Assign custom trading strategies pair-by-pair
  • Dynamic filtering of Active Portfolio pairs to exclude from trading those that fail user-defined stat profiles
  • Dynamically re-include them if they pass the user-defined stat profile with new incoming data
  • Place entry and exits triggers using any parameters available in the back tester
  • Signals generate full textual descriptions including transaction type, number of shares, prices and time of the signal
  • Running P&L filterable by date and named strategy, ability to drill down into the detail of either leg of the trade

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