Pre-release ArbMaker beta launches this Monday

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On Monday 23 October we will be sending all testers a download link to our pre-release beta and some documentation related to its install and use. To be on the list you need to sign up on the home page as shown in the screen shot below. If you signed up via the tab on the right of this screen that only covered you for blog updates (like this one).

For us this is an opportunity to get feedback that will help us shape the final commercial release of ArbMaker as far as possible to customer requirements. For testers, we want it to be an opportunity to get a preview and take a test drive of a pairs trading product of a scope until now unavailable in the commercial financial software market.

Some things to note:

  • The beta will be pre-loaded with three exchanges from three geographies and approximately 1,400 symbols in total
  • The test is scheduled to last 7 days until 30 October
  • Near the end of the test we will send you a feedback survey which, for us, is a very important document for product development
  • During the beta there are no restrictions on the software’s features other than the number of exchanges and symbols referred to above
  • Our back tester is not included but may also be trialed from Monday 7 November when full commercial release is tentatively scheduled

We are disappointed not to have the back tester ready for the beta – some delays have proved unavoidable.

Thanks to those already signed up for the test. We will be in touch soon.

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