Crunch time!

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You trade pairs but how do you find them? Or maybe the question is how do you find enough of them without being tempted to let your criteria slip.

Part of the answer is being able to optimise your computing power to balance speed with volume. That’s been the focus over the last week of ArbMaker’s development.

With an Intel 2 quad Q6600 processor @2.40GHZ and 4Gb of RAM (not a recent configuration at all) ArbMaker ran through over 32,000 pairs for the period January 2009 to August 2011. And at a speed of 19.8 pairs per second! When we debriefed with our developers after running the tests they thought they could go even faster and increase batch volume by the time the pre-release testing is scheduled. At least that is the plan – so long as the functionality is incomplete we cannot be certain of final performance.

There are caveats – no lunch is free. RAM size ultimately limits the size of the batch run at those speeds. So does extending the date range to, say, ten years. So if you want bigger batch volumes you have to write to the hard disk before filtering the raw data down to what you truly want to keep on a watchlist. And if you do that you’ll have time to slap some paint on a wall and watch it dry long, long before your batch run is completed.

So over the next week or two we are working on a number of filtering and memory handling ideas to deal with the challenge!

Until then, here is a recent shot of our new formatting changes to the charts.


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