ArbMakerFX and ArbMakerPlus released!

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Available now from the Take the Trial page!



Designed for forex traders ArbMakerFX comes with a set of functionalities focused on providing the pairs trading tools essential for a relative-value-by-cointegration approach to forex.

ArbMakerFX includes a data bridge linking it to the Metatrader4 (MT4) platform: drive your FX database with MT4’s feeds while keeping a lid on data costs!

Better still, the next ArbMakerFX release scheduled for October will include the option to integrate full signal generation and execution to MT4 making it a complete execution platform for ArbMakerFX.

Priced at an introductory $449. The first 25 purchases receive a complimentary license upgrade to include the time-varying beta methodology tool.



Matches the existing versatility of the current version it replaces and adds:

  • Time-varying beta methodology
  • Capacity to tap MT4 feeds
  • Correlation percentages
  • The ability to select any intraday data sample between 500 and 2500 observations
  • Automatic exclusion/inclusion of pairs failing/passing the 99% cointegrated threshold in the Active Portfolio screen
  • Proprietary measure of estimated pair profitability in all scan results
  • Refined normality controls provide extreme fine tuning capacity to the tradability filters
  • Range of upgrade options
  • All at a keener price than before

Priced at an introductory $1499 – that’s 20% off the list price.


ArbMakerPlus Pro

Currently in production ArbMakerPlus Pro will introduce several very significant features in addition to those of the newly re-released ArbmakerPlus. These include but are not limited to:

  • Evolutionary algorithms and a neural network overlay
  • Extended statistical functions (such as the choice of log and prices to run the cointegrating algorithm and inclusion of a rolling Z window)
  • Interactive Brokers integration
  • Bloomberg & FIX integration
  • Futures integration
  • Cross-asset class testing
  • Optional on-site training for up to 5 users (at additional cost)

Release is scheduled for Q1 2013 but we are releasing individual features to our existing client base as each is completed.

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