Running forex in the back tester

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Currently ArbMakerPlus can be used to test any pair of financial time series. However, its back tester is designed to handle equities only. Derivative instruments will be treated as though they were unleveraged which means their profit and loss (P&L) reporting will not be correct. The next upgrade in May will see the back tester enhanced to handle foreign exchange P&L reporting.

However, signals generated in the back tester for forex by user-defined strategies will all be valid right now. Thus until the upgrade users can still run fx pairs in the back tester but this adjustment in the commissions section inside the ‘Symbols Management’ screen must be made first:

  1. Click “Com. Pricing”
  2. Click “Add New Com. Pricing”
  3. Make the selections from each pull down in the red rectangle below (click to enlarge the graphic)

This creates proxy commissions for forex that, while not accurate, allow forex signals to be back tested if not their profitability.


  1. Reg
    April 15, 2012

    Is the data for FX just IQ Feed? What about having a feed directly from a MT4 supplier or is that data “buggy”. I know the real time data feed seemed ok but the back data has days missing and was grossly unreliable vs paying for what you get ie. IQ Feed.

    • Admin
      April 15, 2012

      Hi Reg,

      IQ is supplying the fx right now; but we are looking at increasing the choices. If you have links to preferred suppliers please send them along and we’ll take a look.

  2. guandi
    April 17, 2012

    a few that come to mind.

    Interactive Brokers
    LMAX (forex)
    Oanda (forex, gold)


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