Consistently hands on and the software was written by traders for traders

Rawdon and his team spent a lot of time getting my strategies to work within their software. So far that I know of they are the only software team willing to work with another advisor's strategies instead of trying to shove their own down your throat. That being said they also have tons of strategies that work very well, they are consistently hands on and the software was written by traders for traders. I thank Rawdon and his team immensely as I would not be in the position I am today for a very low cost. I fully recommend Rawdon for software and consulting.

Joshua W. Van Dress
Able Capital Management

“A Perfect tool for professional fund managers”

ArbMaker is an intuitive and easy to use statistical arbitrage system yet robust enough for professional and institutional environment. As it is an integrated system, i.e. real time data analysis done, strategized and order initiated at the same time, it saves a lot of time and efforts. This user friendly but robust system opens door not only for professional institutional users but also for non-sophisticated quant practitioners. One other pleasure working with the ArbMaker team is that the system is being improved continuously while communication with the team is always fast and efficient.

Proprietary Trading Boutique

I must say that I was really surprised with the customer service provided by the ArbMaker team.

We are a small proprietary trading boutique and this software is exactly the tool we needed to enter some markets with a very niche strategy.

It gives you the opportunity to trade assets in a very systematic approach. Congratulations for this excellent product.

Antonio Porsia
Parcours Investments

Great customer service, professional tools for pair trading


I am extremely satisfied with the product. I am really surprised they would want to sell such a software since one can really create very profitable strategies with it.

I manage a small fund and this product has allowed me to diversify strategies by getting into pairs trading in a very efficient way.

The fact is that it is very intuitive and they are always improving it. The customer service is exceptional.

Javier Saavedra (multiple asset classes, Spain)

Solid value from sophisticated online analytical platform

As a veteran private investor and retail trader of futures, options and equities, ArbMaker provides me a great tool to find and evaluate intermarket opportunities. Their algorithmic platform is underpinned with a proven mathematical and statistical framework. Their platform yields profitable portfolios of hedged positions with controlled risk for intra- and inter-day trading. Both effective and efficient - found it to be unique in the marketplace.

RW Yundt, USA
Private Investor

Robust & Intuitive

Succinctly expressed, ArbMaker is an incredibly robust, integrated, and seamless application for statistical arbitrage. From optimized screening to back-testing to live trading, one quickly develops an appreciation for the “built-in” and intuitive features of ArbMaker – grounded in advanced statistical and quantitative modeling and tools. As a Trader with 10 years of institutional experience with a focus on stat arb, I have found ArbMaker to be very impressive in terms of functionality and capability. What was once considered to be the exclusive, esoteric arena of quantitative traders, Arbmaker has opened widely the door for non-advanced practitioners alike to exploit opportunities in market neutral trading.

Roger Liu (Global equities and derivatives, Charlotte, NC)
SoundBridge Capital, LLC


ArbMaker has revolutionized the way I invest in statistical arbitrage forever. By integrating fascinating indicators and introducing various scanning methods, ArbMaker has taken my level of investing in statistical arbitrage to a new level. I wanted to also thank ArbMaker for their impeccable customer service, who always exceeded my expectation in the manner in which they responded to my queries.Thank you ArbMaker!

Ahmed Al Busaid (Equities, Oman)
Independent Investor

Asset Manager

The highest praise we can give. We incorporated the ArbMaker software in to our investment process. It replaced a combination of other commercial software and in-house software. So far the results have been excellent. Additionally, we enjoy working with the ArbMaker team: responsive, open to suggestions, and always helpful. Keep up the great work!

Create a Personal Hedge Fund with ArbMaker

ArbMaker is a “stunning success” - very well thought-out and implemented. It has an excellent breadth of features and the required statistical depth to get relative value pairs trading done the right way for both equity pairs and futures spread trading. My trading edge is StatArb based on a comprehensive end-to-end process supported by a tool-set that enables me to create actionable trading ideas. ArbMaker is indispensable. It enables me to configure tightly coupled components to my desired level of complexity and facilitates the selection-to-execution process flow for my trading portfolio.

Robert Heavill, (Equities and Futures Trader, Colorado, USA)
Trading Foresight

Best pairs trading platform available

In my opinion , I think its the best pair trading software available and more serious traders should know about it.

The overall experience so far has been excellent. I've learned so much from our interactions and other members on the forum and continue to learn more by reading different papers on this subject.

I'm certainly glad I found you guys. ArbMaker brought my trading to the next level.

PS/I just realized that you guys added some filters in the "open items" window. This is a fantastic addition to the platform, it gives us more control over the trades.

Lionel Kouadio (Equities trader, Toronto, Canada)
LinkedIn profile

The software has already paid for itself several times over

I read some white papers about Statistical Arbitrage with cointegration method, and was keen to include it into my currency trading. I found there were tutorials for it using Matlab and R. While I'm familiar with Matlab, I was looking for a software that is ready to use, turn-key solution.

A couple weeks later a new software company showed up at ForexFactory forum. My email record indicated that I have been using the Arb-Maker Software since August 2012. Back then the software allows me to search for cointegrated pairs, once found, I watched for its z-score (spread) to come near 2 standard deviation level, then I'd open the trades at MT4 platform manually, let it run overnight to several days, while occasionally checking the z-score charts. Today, the AM software has feature for Automatic trading and MT4 integration, a dream come true!

Before the MT4 integration, I have to use a trial version of IQfeed to get the data feed (extra fee), now I'm able to mine the tick data from MT4 directly. Back then, sometimes I have to wait for a week to find a good pair using the Fixed Beta method (Beta is the hedge ratio of weighting/lot size between the two legs), now I'm using the DESP Beta method which puts me in a new trade about every couple days. I found that this "market neutral" trading method is preferable over my other directional tech trades (S/R, MAs, and Fib).

And I guess this is also why they are not teaching technical analysis academically, when a 61.8 Fib level holds, it's just because the crowd thinks so (self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will). With statistical arbitrage method, it gives me a feeling that there is academic reason for my trade entry/exit. For example, I can set the level of statistical confidence in my search criteria (99 or 95%) so that it will filter out those pairs with autocorrelation above/below these confidence levels as it indicates that the pairs are non-random. Random data is good because in probability theory it is approximately normally distributed. Normal distribution is said to be predictable (the bell-shaped curve). So when a pair has spread its legs for about 2 standard deviation, it's time for me to enter. And it feels good, because I know over time, the spread 95% of a time will return to mean (according to normal bell-shaped curve theory).

This method makes me avoid overtrading. I now have a system and I trade the system with specific entry/exit criteria. I also noticed that when I trade a cointegrated pair, the Net P/L shown would only drift around +/- 10-100 pips, for days, ranging like sine-wave approximation. There are times when I got stopped out, and thanks to the automatic trading feature, I can set my exit strategy when the spread has drifted to more than 3 standard deviation. I don't use regular stop loss, I have another EA that handle global emergency stop loss (10% of account), not having to worry about stop hunting, etc. Before taking actual live trade, I backtested the pair with my entry/exit strategy. Once I found a particular pair to be profitable in the backtest, I went ahead and switch on the automatic trading feature. Now the AM software is linked up to MT4 order execution, and places and manages my trade according to the backtested strategy.

So far I only trade 1:1 (no leverage) per leg and the software already paid for itself several times over. The software has developed quite a bit since its inception, I guess partly due to the openness of the developer to client suggestions/wish lists. It is a pleasure communicating with one of the partners, Rawdon, he's very helpful, responsive, and open to suggestions. I look forward to future developments of this software.

Rendy Gunawan (Forex trader, Wisconsin, USA)
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