ArbMaker launched!

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We have launched!

The pricing schedule:

ArbMaker Core ArbMaker Pro
Monthly US$68 US$97
6 monthly US$375 US$535
Annually US$725 US$1035


We quote in USD for convenience but payments can be made in a large selection of currencies with no fx conversion fees.

Biannual and annual subscriptions are approximately 8% and 10% less than the monthly rate on a per month basis; and the difference between the “Core” and “Pro” version is the inclusion of the back tester with the “Pro”.

All subscriptions come with AMEX, NASDAQ and NYSE database files covering equities over a market cap of $750m; and the two longer subscriptions come with symbol samples from over 20 global exchanges.

Licensing fees are non-refundable and so we strongly encourage potential new clients to take the 14 day trial included with the monthly subscriptions only (you will see “First 2 weeks free” and an intial charge of zero on the specific subscription order page under the main “Order” tab). Order here.

Remember that ArbMaker requires Microsoft SQL 32-bit Server Express to be installed on your computer. It is available as a free download here. We wanted to bundle SQL with ArbMaker in order to minimize the install process but this has not been possible in time for the launch.

If you plan to use ArbMaker with IQFeed you can receive a waiver from their set up fee by letting us refer you to them.

Finally, ArbMaker’s integrated “Help” file covers most features and includes many examples. However, you should also contact us if something is not clear or if you believe you have found a bug. We sell no “maintenance” plans for  continuous improvements to the mechanics and documentation. But the improvements are in large part only possible with user feedback.

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