Beta Survey requests & actions

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The group who beta tested and were kind enough to complete our surveys put forward several suggestions for improvements. This is them with our reactions:

More documentation

We have created a large help icon for ArbMaker and nearly completed the tome it opens (which includes examples and screen shots). If what you need it isn’t covered please contact us for complementary support.

Context sensitive help

Added for the Options filter.

Batch adding to the Watchlist from the Results screen

We have not implemented this. The Watchlist is for pairs that have been vetted and analyzed one-by-one within the Results screen.  Allowing batch adds is not compatible with that philosophy.

Batch deletes from the Watchlist

On the other hand, we have put the feature in here. Users can select what they don’t want with the mouse and click the new “Remove” button at the top of the screen

Disable automatic Watchlist updates when switching screens

Implemented. We have also added a timer that can be set in increments of 5 minutes to update automatically within the Watchlist itself.

Chart printing feature

Almost – we are working on implementing an export to PDF feature for the charts.

Tracking & Signals

ArbMaker is primarily a scanner, analyser and back tester. Nonetheless, we are implementing a signaling system.

However, signal generation sits best with other feature such as portfolio management, simulation and reporting. These are all items meriting a separate technical structure if the final product is to be first-class – and we are planning along those lines.

Ability to save layouts

We are not going to be able to implement this in time for the launch.

Need a back tester

Always planned, our back tester will be ready on release and available for trial. We had intended to include “Optimiser” and “Curve-fitting vs out-of-sample testing” features with its launch. Unfortunately we are not going to be able to do that with the first release.

Ship with single .msi, install sql or at least detect if it is present

We will ship with a single install file. We are also experimenting with bundling Microsoft SQL but this might not work seamlessly for Windows Vista users.

Add futures and currencies

We have changed the coding structure to accommodate this request but will only be able to test (and release anything) at a later date.

More exchanges

A US database ships with all versions of ArbMaker. Other symbols and samples from over 20 exchanges will ship with subscriptions of 6 months and over.

However, we will ship with the structure (but not the data samples) of all those exchanges baked-in and ready to take symbols even if users do not take a 6 month or greater subscription. Additional countries and exchanges can be added manually; and user-prepared symbol files (in .csv and .txt formats) can also be uploaded. The Help tome has the instructions.

Display Sector/Industry in Watchlist

Currently trying a few different methods but we should be able to implement.

Express results (eg back test) with a currency symbol “$”, “€”, “£”

We are not going to get this done in time.

Export data to Excel

It is possible to copy/paste certain data into other applications (such as Excel, Word and the like). There is a section in the new tome called Help covering this.


We plan to launch the week of November 7 and announce pricing shortly before then.

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