ArbMaker 4.0 has landed!

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Version 4.0 concentrates on 3 major themes:

    • Overall stability
    • Performance and capacity to handle more volume and operations
    • Better graphics


To take 4.0 for free trial click here

Some of the new stuff in 4.0:

  • Database change to Microsoft SQL Express: more data & increased overall performance.
  • New graphics: faster rendering, mouse/trackball control, dynamic data labels and more robust
  • New back tester: more info, new P&L chart presentation, better out-of-sample testing
  • New Portfolio back tester: support for intraday portfolios, new charts and and benchmark performance
  • New user balancing mechanism: user choice to override auto-hedge
  • New ROIC calculation: implemented in both individual and the Portfolio back testers
  • One click enabling of Scheduler jobs
  • Faster start-up initialization
  • Updated screenshots here
  • Updated documentation here

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