Major new version on its way…

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A few things to expect:

  • New graphics upgrade supports fast dynamic updating at all intervals (intra and end-of-day). Couple of examples here (back-tester) and here (Bollinger and Indexed Spread).
  • Don’t like the hedge ratio and want to tweak it? Go ahead with the manual balancing function
  • Support for intraday portfolio tests alongside the existing end-of-day portfolio test
  • Moving to SQL Express database for greater stability
  • More controls in the dynamic filter section of the Tracker for finer statistical profile requirements
  • Return On Capital Invested ratio at the trade and portfolio level
  • Improved internal process flow for speed
  • Introduction of a ‘FX plus Scheduler’ version
  • Assorted bug fixes including the pop-ups behind the main window and full Windows 8.1 compatibility

If you are already a client and want to beta test this version NOW please contact us.

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