ArbMakerFX arrives next week…

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…along with a upgraded ArbMakerPlus and the new ArbMakerPlus Pro. The feature list (including, please note, some in development) and pricing is here.

ArbMakerFX launches with a limited-time introductory price of $449 and includes a data bridge to run the application under existing MT4 feeds. There were many requests for this feature – why pay for a new data subscription if you already have one from your broker? Now it is in place.

In addition to the introductory pricing the first 25 ArbMakerFX orders will be upgraded to include the DESP and Kalman filter time-varying beta feature we wrote about in our previous blog entry.

To take advantage of this offer contact us to join the list of 25 (you’ll receive a number). Once the trial period is over – and if you go ahead and purchase ArbMakerFX – simply recontact us to get the upgraded license key.

Other Launch Specials

If you are already a subscriber or owner of a Lifetime License to our existing software you should have received details by email of the free upgrades you will be getting as our thanks for your continued support.

If you are not an exiting subscriber or owner we will qualify all ArbMakerPlus purchases or subscriptions in the two weeks after next week’s launch as eligible for  a separate feature upgrade. Please contact us for details.

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