Get Q3-ready: new & updated US equity symbol database files

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Should you wish to renew and update your existing US equity symbols database with the quoted companies worth over $400m in market capitalization as of now:

  • download the new June cut of the US symbol database files in step 2 on our Take the Trial page
  • delete your existing US symbols by first navigating inside ArbMakerPlus to Symbol Management->Symbols
  • once there, click on the ‘Equity’ tab and then on the ‘Exchange’ column filter the selection to include only ‘NYSE’, NASDAQ’ and ‘NYSEAMEX’
  • select and highlight every row and then click the ‘Delete Symbols’ button at the top of the screen
  • Next, click the ‘Import Symbols’ button at the top of the screen and navigate to where you saved the new downloaded symbols database files
  • Import each (except for the unchanged ETF file) in turn

That’s it.

It is possible an existing pair listed on the Watchlist or on the tabs within the portfolio module uses a symbol that will have fallen out of the new database. If this is likely users can also simply import the new files directly over the existing US database: all symbols from both the old and new files will be retained.

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