Major ArbMaker Upgrade

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Sent to our user base last week:





Dear ArbMaker User,

Significant new functionality for ArbMaker is currently being pre-beta tested.

We have talked about some of these new additions before by email and on the website blog. That was in the context of “plans”. Now, however, we are getting closer to the tangible realization of a larger set of upgraded features and capacities than previously envisaged.

We intend to put these in your hands in early February as part of our beta process. All subsequent user feedback will help shape the final release: what you tell us you need the software to do is what we will aim to provide. It is our policy to first test with current users before inviting new users to do so – your input is prioritized.

The key additions are:

  • Multiple portfolio capacity with a comprehensive array of performance reporting ratios
  • A revised back testing process including in and out-of-sample back testing at the pair and portfolio levels
  • A new intraday cointegration algorithm
  • Live tracking and flexible signaling
  • Additional filtering options for more precise and detailed scan returns

Later this year we intend to bring a further set of additions that will cover ground from improving the mundane processes (scheduling multiple sets of customizable scans, for example) through to broker integration and auto-trading.

Thank you for using our software; and we will be in touch in due course to formally invite you to beta the upgrade.

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